We are an "A"!!!!!

TEA recently published the 2022 Accountability Ratings for all Texas School Districts. Each school rating in 3 different domains:

  • Domain I - STAAR Assessments 
  • Domain II - Academic Growth
  • Domain III - Closing the Gab 

Not every school got a score in each domain due to the minimum size requirement. This means that small schools, like Texhoma ISD, did not get a score in Domain III because we had to have a minimum of 5 subpopulation categories (minimum of 25 students in each category) in order for us to receive a score. 

TEA will be adjusting the rating calculations for the 2023 school year, but each district will still be evaluated in the same 3 Domains, with STAAR assessment scores being a large component of the rating. 

To see more information on Texas School Accountability please visit TXschools.gov. For questions specifically about Texhoma ISD, please feel free to contact the Campus Administrator or Superintendent at 806-827-7400.